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epAAA - the platform for securitisation and receivables-based financing

epAAA = easy purchase Administration Accounting and Analysing Tool

certified, tested and established for many years in the market

  • Certified: in accordance with PS-880 (accounting logic, software and data security) standard
  • Safety tested by the penetration test model of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • The software solution for the management and monitoring of all transactions under the "AAA" rated TruckLease S.A. securitisation platform


epAAA supports

  • different asset classes:
    • Lease and hire-purchase receivables
    • Credit receivables
    • Trade receivables
    • Consumer Loans
    • Non-Performing Loans
  • Mixed portfolios made up of various currencies with the involvement of hedging transactions.
  • Multi-seller and multi-investor structures.
  • with multi-compartment structures each individual compartment as well as the overall portfolio.
  • Double layer models and Head-and Sublease structures.
  • daily, weekly or monthly processing of transaction data.
  • We also generate software based data supply for hedge accounting and interest rate hedges.


epAAA Accounting

  • forms a complete accounting system of the SPV (receivables buyer) .
  • can be extended to client-specific accounting events and accounts.
  • Complete history of all accounting entries for the entire transaction period
  • Multi-currency support


epAAA standard interfaces

  • individually - to SAP systems
  • R & P for lease receivables
  • Bearing Point for trade receivables (factoring)
  • Abacus/DaVinci for reporting
  • Reporting for monthly balance sheet statistics (BISTA) for the Bundesbank
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Oleg Mänz
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