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Social Engagement

We are financially involved in the following projects:






Fight Illiteracy:
Today, more than 250 million children worldwide cannot read and write. To create awareness for this problem, Wladimir Kltischko boxed
the 26 letters of the alphabet in blue colour on canvas. These artworks were used in different ways to raise money to support Wladimir's
fight against illiteracy.

The association of German Friends of Hadassah is a charity organisation to support the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel.
This is a medical organisation that operates two university hospitals in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as schools of medicine, dentistry,
nursing, and pharmacology. Its declared mission is to provide help to all, without regard for race, religion or ethnic origin.

Hamburger Tafel:
Hamburger Tafel is a non-profit, charitable organisation that distributes food to those who are not able to purchase enough food.

Annemarie Dose-Stiftung:
The Annemarie Dose Foundation was founded in order to be able to provide long-term funding for the Hamburger Tafel.

Fachhochschule Wedel:
The state-recognized private university is located in the metropolitan region of Hamburg and has stood for more than 70 years of interdisciplinary, practical and international studies. It offers courses in computer science, engineering and economics.