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Monitoring & Reporting

We create detailed risk and performance reporting based on the current market standard for our customers, especially for investors, banks, rating agencies and insurance companies.

We provide interfaces especially for banks for regulatory reporting and the European Data Warehouse of the European Central Bank.

With the help of our portfolio management software we also manage complex receivables portfolios. By using combinatorial selection algorithms, we optimise the portfolio composition taking into account individual criteria and portfolio concentration limits.

We monitor and report:

  • Portfolios which are composed not only of one but from various receivables types, such as:
    • Lease and hire-purchase receivables
    • Credit receivables
    • Trade receivables
    • Consumer Loans
    • Non-Performing Loans
  • Mixed portfolios made up of various currencies with the involvement of hedging transactions.
  • Multi-seller and multi-investor structures.
  • With multi-compartment structures each individual compartment as well as the overall portfolio.

  • Double layer models and Head-and Sublease structures.
  • We also generate software based data supply for hedge accounting and interest rate hedges.


We offer:

  • A monthly or even daily reconciliation with the accounting system of the receivable selling company and therefore management of refinancing that is accurate to the day.
  • Portfolio reporting on the basis of a certified accounting system and therefore the complete document-based history of each financed receivable.
  • Usability of the software for factoring and forfaiting transactions.


Oleg Mänz
Oleg Mänz
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